‘Fresh Beginnings’ Cookery Classes

Cookery Classes

We offer private home cooking experiences which can take place in familiar surroundings of your own home cooking in a friendly environment.

We offer tailor made classes to suit your own requirements – Or you can join in with a variety of our publicly available classes in your area…

Classes are available for:

  • Adult and child cookery classes
  • Adult cookery classes
  • Children’s cookery classes
  • Groups
  • Bespoke 121
  • Private home cookery classes

Children cooking together with a parent have a lot of fun and a good way for all generations to be together and learn Cooking skills.

Our range of adult and child classes means that together you can learn to cook nutritious, simple meals for the whole family .

Why not book a family class?
Mother, granny and grandpa or parents with kids – any combination will work.

Spend precious time with your family whilst preparing food in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Are you new to cooking? Or do you feel like you want to gain confidence and start with the basics?

Cooking is an essential life skill that can be learned at any stage in life.

Why Choose Us?

Fresh-Beginnings teaches people how to prepare and cook Home-cooked food from scratch – whilst learning about healthy eating principles, an opportunity to take part in practical food sessions in an enjoyable way with confidence – our classes are entirely hands on and taught in a home-from-home kitchen environment.

We work in small groups so that we can create a personal relationship with yourself and fellow students and offer a wonderful experience as well as teaching you skills that you will use for many years to come.

What are the many reasons and benefits to sign up for a cookery class?

  • To improve your culinary knowledge and cooking skills
  • To gain confidence in the kitchen and promote yourself-esteem
  • To learn how to prepare home-cooked food
  • To learn how to cook with the family, significant other or join groups to meet socially to learn new things together and participate in something you might not otherwise do – ‘pursue your passion’
  • Or just have fun and socialise

By Learning to cook, you will have another great social opportunity to take advantage of.  You will be able to put your skills to good use to make your life healthier and less costly.

If you can learn to cook or bake, you can ‘WOW’ those family and friends around you  – and entertain with confidence!

If you are looking for cookery classes which are tailor made to you or your family’s needs please get in touch and share the joy of cooking!

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