Community Cooking Classes

‘Fresh Beginnings’ in the community

Fresh Beginnings CIC Cheshire was founded in 2019 by Barbara Freeman who is trained as a chef and has a wide experience in catering.

Barbara identified a local need to support food education in the community. She is passionate about working with children, young people and families to raise their confidence and basic skills in the kitchen.

The classes ensure that the sessions are hands on and filled with practical skills that can be implemented by themselves, cooking food from scratch!

Fresh Beginnings will work with individuals, families; and corporate and statutory partners to deliver an accessible programme of training that not only meets, but exceeds expectations in terms of quality and cost.

Sessions will focus on cooking delicious, affordable, food from scratch, whilst learning about healthy eating principles.

Cooking can help to increase participant’s confidence, raise their self-esteem, and help them to develop social skills. While learning to work independently, and as part of wider team, participants can also learn new skills and cooking techniques to provide nutritious healthy meals, making mealtimes a positive experience.

What are WE looking for

We are looking to work with key organisations, stakeholders, and statutory partners, sustainable income will be secured for a rolling programme of training to meet the needs of local people, including children and young people. 

Training will be implemented in a variety of regular settings, secured through robust partnership working across the footprint of the project.

We have ran many successful projects and repeated classes year on year.

To find out more about Barbaras classes in the community,  please get in touch using our contact details below

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