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“Barbara has a great passion for helping people from all walks of life to develop their cooking skills and enjoy healthy food. This book combines Barbara’s enthusiasm for cooking with a range of practical recipes and some great advice for cooking on a budget. It’s a really useful book to guide and inspire anyone starting off a healthy food journey, cooking with limited ingredients and without any expensive equipment.”

David Titman (RNutr)

We had a brilliant turnout for our recent cookery sessions, as over 30 people in Halton are now leading healthier lifestyles, thanks to the sessions delivered by Barbara Freeman at Fresh Beginnings.

Halton Housing

I’ve enjoyed working with Barbara on her projects to deliver something that will help people on a budget, and like me, people that don’t cook very often!

Her initiative to supply recipe cards through food banks and major supermarkets was inspiring and was well received, by those running the food banks, and the people using them.

Ian Downes

Another great cookery session!
Everyone is developing fabulous skills and techniques with their measuring, chopping, dicing, rolling and mixing!

Thank you Onward Housing, Fresh Beginnings, Barbara and Mary


Having read this publication as someone who is no great shakes at cookery, I ended up much wiser and feeling a lot more confident about putting all the ideas into practice. What a gem of a book! Packed full of sound, practical advice expressed in a clear, easy to understand language.  We are given tips about what kind of inexpensive food to use and how to prepare it.  On top of all that there is guidance  on how to achieve good kitchen management and how to avoid waste.  There are menus galore which will help you create nourishing meals ( 1, 2 or 3 course) using all types of ingredients –  fresh, tinned or  from a packet, and all reasonably priced if your budget is low.  I’m sure there are many of you out there in the community just like me with little experience, theoretical or practical, of creating meals from scratch.  For you, this book is a must.  Follow the advice given, choose your ingredients carefully and you will certainly find many menus to suit your taste and pocket. What is more, you should never find the prospect of cooking a wholesome meal  daunting ever again.  I thoroughly recommend this publication to you.  Good luck and Happy Cooking!

Rex Berryman

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